Q: When will Instant Edges products restock?

A: Instant Edges restock typically occurs every Saturday at 12 NOON CST.


Q: How long does it take Instant Edges Inc. to fulfill an order once it has been placed?

A: Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to ship.  We only offer standard shipping at this time.


Q: Can you dye Instant Edges?

A: Not at this time. We do host a variety of colors available to all.

Q: Will you ship internationally?

A: At this time we only offer domestic shipping, but in the future we will offer international shipping to select locations.


Q: How many edges are included in your purchase?

A: One Whole Pair of Instant Edges (1 left side / 1 right side)


Q: What products are used to apply Instant Edges?

A: All you need to apply Instant Edges is water.


Q: How long does Instant Edges install last?

A: Instant Edges will last up to 2 weeks with proper care.


Q: How many times can Instant Edges be applied?

A: Right now Instant Edges can only be applied one time.  For sanitary concerns please discard and apply a new pack.


Q: How to I protect my Instant Edges at night?

A: We recommend you wear a silk scarf at night while you sleep.  Once you wake up you will add a little water to dampen your scarf before you remove the scarf and touch-up your edges if necessary.  We have a few YouTube videos available that show the process.  https://www.youtube.com/instantedges


Q: Can you provide a video of how it works?

A: Please check out our YouTube Channel for many tutorial and how to videos.  https://www.youtube.com/instantedges


Q: How do I order Instant Edges?

A: Simply go to our online shop at https://www.instantedges.net/shop. We restock weekly!


Q: Does Instant Edges blend with Natural Hair texture?

A: Instant Edges blends well with kinky hair types.


Q: How much does Instant Edges cost?

A: Please check our websites for most up to date prices at https://www.instantedges.net/


Q: Will you ship internationally?

A: At this time we only offer domestic shipping, but in the future we will offer international shipping to select locations.


Q: Can Instant Edges be used by all women?

A: Instant Edges can be used by all races, women, children, and even men.


Q:  Does Instant Edges prevent your edges from growing back out?

A: Instant Edges are designed to be breathable and lightweight as to not cause any damage to your natural edges.  You can actually use Instant Edges with all your normal hair regrowth products while allowing you to wear your favorite hairstyles!


Q: What type of hair is Instant Edges product?

A: Instant Edges are made with synthetic hair at this time.  In the future we plan to offer a few different options (e.g. Instant Edges 100% Human Hair, Instant Edges Natural, etc.)


Q: What does Instant Edges Starter Kit include?

A: Instant Edges Starter Kit includes one package of your chosen hair color Instant Edges, an edge brush, and our recommended spray bottle.


Q: Can you cut Instant Edges to fit?

A: Yes!  All Instant Edges come standard in 5 in. – 6 in. in length and can be cut to fit your desired size.  Please check out our YouTube Channel for tutorials.  https://www.youtube.com/instantedges


Q:  Can I put Instant Edges on myself or do I need a stylist?

A: Of course!  Instant Edges are easily applied and can be done by anyone.  We have simple instructions along with tutorial videos to suite your needs and answer your questions on our YouTube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/instantedges


Q: Do you have textured Instant Edges available?

A: Right now Instant Edges is straight in nature, but in the future we plan to offer various textures of Instant Edges. (e.g. Instant Edges 100% Human Hair, Instant Edges Kinky Hair, etc.)


Q: Can you sweat with Instant Edges?

A: Yes!  Instant Edges can handle LIGHT sweating with ease.  If you feel like you may sweat more than normal while doing activities such as exercise, please tie your Instant Edges down with a silk scarf.  We do not recommend running a marathon or swimming with Instant Edges.


Q: If Instant Edges does not use glue what is keeping it on?

A: We use a proprietary solution that is activated with water.  Product contains Aloe!